To Dordrecht via Oud-Beijerland

Monday 19th -Tuesday 20th June

It's just 8 miles from our mooring up the River Spui to Oud-Beijerland and then just under 12 more miles the following day to be tucked up cosy in Dordrecht. We're still in familiar territory here so there are gaffer friends wherever we go. Or rather we are stopping wherever there are gaffer friends...

Some sights along the way:

Costa del Spui - classy little caravan park with its own beach

We were surprised to see how far these piles go in

Nice quiet spot on the river bank for swimming

Obligatory windmill/dyke/village shot

That's a ferry ahead

It sets off again as soon as we pass, angled due to the 2kts of current

Oud-Beijerland is a good place to stop - the harbour is in the town with lots of shops (and bars) around. Anneke and Kees live near here and we see their gaffer Snoopy in the harbour. Kees is away working but Anneke joins us on board for a barbeque and we spend a very jolly evening - if rather hot!

Then next morning onward to Dordrecht. We're on bigger rivers now - the Oude Maas junction here is the busiest junction for river traffic in all of Europe - or so they say.

Dordrecht is a lovely old city, once hugely important for trade, with lovely houses on the river and in the various harbours

Soon after this we pass the back garden of our friends Ad and Jules - Jules waves a welcome

Here's our spot in the Wijnhaven in Dordrecht

These coots had chosen an interesting spot for their nest - when the chap tried to come down his ladder they went for him. He eventually turned is engine off again and gave up the attempt to go for a spin.

Ad and Jules have a back garden for Howard to envy - after that wall it's the river

They both look even happier in this one - that beer came from Ostend and seems to be going down well

Wine for me and Jules

And, good company aside, the evening's entertainment: barge-watching!


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