To Bergen op Zoom - new covers

Wed 14th June - to Bergen op Zoom - 23.4 nm under motor

We are lucky enough to have good friends in the UK who keep their boat in the Netherlands. We try not to take advantage of this situation and of their good nature but so far this season Julie has been a "mule" for missing documents and medication for other friends at Ostend and carried back with her our postal votes (for all the good that did). Now Keith has travelled back here to do some work on Maryll and we have asked him to bring our new boom cover and tent as well as our backlog of post, despite the fact that he's coming as a foot passenger not by car.

We were worried that the covers really would make "mule" an apposite term but when we meet up with Keith at Bergen op Zoom he claims they have been no trouble. Kindness we suspect, but we make a mental note that next time we ask anyone to deliver our mail we must make sure they leave behind all the heavy magazines which can easily await our return.

Mainsail cover is perfect

Happy with the fit even before we lace it up - thank you James!!

Tent needs tweaking - berth in the background is temporarily unoccupied but the containers are ready

If it is recut to here it will do the job fine - we'll be able to move it forwards a bit without it chafing on the doghouse

Bergen op Zoom is a funny place to visit. It's a bit off the tourist track and although the town itself is really picturesque, the harbour is full of noisy industry. Howard could sit here all day watching barges come and go and get unloaded and reloaded. All night too as it nevers stops - so it's just as well that our Greek dinner in town is accompanied by a drink or two. We sleep through it all.


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