Oostende voor Anker 2017

25th to 27th May 2017

Festival time - days of fun that merge together seamlessly, told here in pictures:

Eclectic mix of boats and a sea of flags against a backdrop of Ostend's grand station and a blue sky

From the biggest ships alongside the cruise terminal...

...to the smallest in the Mercator dock - well not quite smallest perhaps, but space is tight on Maryll

Some quirky scenes in the street (wish I'd got a shot of the parade of geese - real ones!)

Demonstration of traditional fishing technique

Visiting our neighbours' lovely boat - of course the engine must be examined

Lovely people - John and Driss have had Olleke Bolleke since 1964 - and the woodwork is all his own

Pristine, even below the water

Eight lovely Dutch and Belgian gaffers sail down from Blankenberg Festival to pay a courtesy visit and are rewarded with VIP beer session -  which explains why there's no one on board

A raggle taggle march to the City Hall following a marching band - with a troop of Russian cadets from the 4 master bringing up the rear

Sarah's carrying Distant Drum's ship's mascot Captain Jack

As always there's a drink after the speeches - beware the Belgian beer

It's that big Russion 4 master again - Kruzenshtern - we're all invited on board later for a skippers and crew supper but in this picture they are trying to disentangle the Earl of Pembroke - not very dignified.

Hot Rats entertain the crews on board Minerva - foot- tapping stuff

A great time was had by all - thank you to all our friends at Ostend at Anchor especially Hubert and Anne who thoroughly deserve their holiday now!


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