Bridge dash, and an invitation

Wed 21st June - To Gouda 17.6 nm

Jules and Ad came to see us off from Dordrecht and took some photos as we headed off across the Oude Maas from the Wijnhaven. Here are her pics (thank you Jules):

Motoring out of the Wijnhaven towards the exit bridge

Through the bridge (I'm on the VHF to the VTS) - On the far quay Ad is also on the phone

This is a busy junction and Sector Dordrecht VTS are giving me a long complicated message about ship movements up river (up which river??)

I rush back to report the gist of it to the skipper...

But basically we go for it anyway and I wave goodbye

We had timed it right for the opening schedule of the first bridge on our way, the Ablasserdam bridge, which duly held up the traffic to let us through.

Ablasserdam bridge lifting just for us - traffic halted on a fairly busy road

However the next hurdle was the bridge at Algerasluis which closes after the 15.20 opening until 19.20. We had allowed an hour, but it turned out we were pushing our luck, and our engine against the current to make this in time. We passed some interesting ships on the way to distract us from our slower than hoped for progress.

I bet that won't have a leaky poo tank and rain coming in the cabin top corners. It will make someone very happy - maybe??

Strange craft under construction

Some kind of dredger we think

From the sublime to the ridiculous

We approached the Algerasluis bridge at full speed and called them up, rather disingenuously asking for the time of the next opening. We received confirmation of the 15.20 and no discouragement, so we ploughed on and were there with a couple of minutes to spare.

After that it was easy going up the Hollandse Ijssel river to Gouda and it felt very good to be greeted on the way by a friendly message from our friends Rik and Edith there, inviting us to join them for a barbeque in their garden at Rik's boatyard that evening. Would we be in time, they asked. We most certainly would, we replied and we added a knot to our speed to make sure of it.

Great hosts - great location

Cheers Edith!

Looking very relaxed

With its duties as a barbeque done, the milk churn is converted into a brazier to keep us warm (only we're not cold which is why it's so far away)

Another evening ends in convivial company - we are spoilt!


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