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Denmark. Mission accomplished!

Thursday 27th JulySchleimünde to Sønderborg - 18 nm
The final leg to Denmark is achieved under sail. Goose-winged to start with (from 7.30am) then pole down as the wind veered.  9.45: into Danish waters, time for a new courtesy flag. White cross on red ground duly hoisted. 11am: tied up on Sønderborg quay, prime spot with great view of the castle (Slot).
We left the east coast of England back in May with the aim of cruising "towards Denmark" and now we're here. Mission accomplished.
We've travelled about 830 miles, mostly with the assistance of the engine, especially inland in the canals, but we've also had some great sails on the way. We've enjoyed visiting Kent, northern France, Belgium, the Netherlands including the Wadden Islands, the German Watten, Heligoland, Schleswig-Holstein and now we're in Denmark. 
Sønderborg on the island of Als seems to be the current mooring place for the Danish royal yacht so we're in good company.

We've still got about 6…

Sussing out the Schlei

Wed 26th July
Laboe to Schleimünde via Kappeln - 28 nm
Thank goodness for a better day! We set off out into the Baltic Sea. 
Wind is 16kts from the North (of course) but at least it's sunny and dry. We don't sail all day but we do enjoy a few hours of peaceful zig-zagging without the engine before motoring into the River Schlei.
This is it! This is Bonify's new cruising ground. From now on we're on the lookout for a winter berth. We want a secure boatyard where she can be lifted out in September, mast still standing, and covered up until we come back again next spring. We're looking at transport links, prices (of course) and also hoping to find a place we like the feel of. There are some big marinas out here which feel a bit impersonal - small yards are often friendlier places, much more our thing as long as they have a crane or hoist big enough for our 12 tons. Smaller places tend to be cheaper too.
The River Schlei has a few places for us to check out, and Pete and Sa…

Kieler Förde

Monday 24th to Holtenau 18.5nmTuesday 25th to Laboe 4nm
Once you've done ship-spotting then motoring along the Kiel Canal can be rather dull, especially in the pouring rain. It must also be frustrating to have to wait around for the lock at the far end but we got lucky in this respect. We called up as we approached and were told they would be calling the assembled crowd of leisure boats into the lock in 5 minutes - but not to worry if we missed it as we wouldn't have long to wait.Pants on fire!! (Liar, liar). We did make it and motored straight in at 17.30 but once out and tied up the other side at Holtenau we kept an eye open and it was a full 2 hours before the next lock-load of leisure boats came through.A horrid big lock with floating boards to tie up to, which the fenders ride above. We were glad when that was over. 

The staging at Holtenau is a good place to lie - the rain had cleared and there were lots of comings and goings to watch while the barbeque sizzled.
So unfair o…