Provisioning at Gravelines

Monday 22nd May

Bunkering and provisioning

We reckon Super U fuel should be better value than in marinas so now's a good opportunity to make a few return trips with the ship's trolley. It's for tramping about like this that Howard had to have the dazzling new Lild footwear


I provide dazzle with my snazzy shopping bag (thank you Kathryn) as we nip back and forward to Lidl for beer, boxes of red wine, bottles of sparkling wine and water, tinned food - and breakfast croissant of course.

First Lidl run

We've been introduced to a new pastis: the usual aniseed flavour but with added botanicals. For special occasions only at that price

Not from Lidl

The bilges aka the cellar (wine's elsewhere)

Better not start on all that yet - there is work to be done...

Painting job in the cockpit for Sue

Howard adds a new solar panel to the doghouse roof (so that frees up a spare bunk where we were keeping it)

As you see the boom shades the first one sometimes so 2 is better for keeping the fridge cold

Wired in and working, now where did we put the snips...

Proof that it's a hot day here

Good drying day


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