Ipswich weekend 12-14th May

Memory Lane for us as we used to live here - first in our marina flat and then later on board on our marina berth. We motor up the River Orwell on Friday (no sails bent on yet) and carry on with our preparations to sail.

Visitor pontoon in Ipswich with our old flat behind - is that Mr Hammett waving from his balcony?

On the way up river Howard looked very "authentic seaman" but will he wear it to the pub?

Favourite pub - The Dove Street Inn, favourite beer Brewers Gold and pork scratchings at only £1 a pint

Thankfully Howard didn't wear his smock out on the town, nor his very posh (far too new looking) deck shoes. We looked quite normal really though there is no photo to prove it.

Howard will be scuffing these up as soon as possible - and replacing the leather laces with tie wraps no doubt

Beautiful wooden gaff cutter for sale! What's not to like? Avola sails really well and has every comfort below.
Strictly no BBQs allowed

No - not an elephant's foot

Brian and Lorna's Avola is up for sale (to their great regret) and for 37 years water has leaked down the mast into the cabin below. No longer! (We hope). Howard blagged a lorry inner tube from a garage and made this "boot".

Work done on Avola it's back to Bonify where the main sail and furling gear need to go on next. But not before we greet this motley crew:

Visitors from our home club: Harwich and Dovercourt Sailing Club - not exactly sailing boats

HDSC have turned out for a shakedown cruise up the river and a night on the town in Ipswich. There are these 2 chunky work boats, plus a couple of motor cruisers and 2 or 3 yachts. Eclectic mix - no wonder we fit in well there.

If we'd planned our stay better or met up with them before we paid our dues we might have benefited from their bulk discount but too late. Still, we enjoy meeting up with a few old friends in town over the weekend before it's time to head back to Harwich to load up more equipment and provisions.


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