Launch day 11th May

Thursday 11th May

Launch day comes around at last.

Dipping her toes in the water

We had a weekend away visiting family and that gave the paint time to dry and harden off. Then on Thursday 11th May we were lifted up in the slings of the travel hoist and the props were removed so we could quickly paint the patches we had missed, then to the water!

Bare patches where the props were

All smart and ready to go

Here's our friend Sarah painting her boat - it's been fun, and useful, to be neighbours at home and in the yard

Once in the water we motor off down the Twizzle, across Pennyhole Bay, through Harwich Harbour and up the River Stour to Wrabness where a barbeque with friends awaits.

True to form Wrabness conjures up a lovely sunset which we admire from the deck of the hut.

Bonify (left) - just needs sails on now and a few finishing touches


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