More work pics

Wed 19th April
No further explanations needed if you saw yesterday's post - same jobs continued:

Full coat of varnish on the doghouse

The gleam shows when the sun comes out - footwell also got a full coat

Cockpit coaming too. It's faded over the years but at least varnish makes it shine

Sanding down under the water line is a tough job but dabbing on primer is easy... no prizes for guessing who did which job

Job well done: Storm (bawley yacht built 1910) sails (flies?) past our bow on her way back to the water

Sanding of the topsides was not permitted given the proximity of still tacky varnish so the work crew packed up at 3.30 and headed home. Howard of course found more work - no idle hands here:

Didn't like the Artex anyway

Door frame ready to go in


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