Lift out at Titchmarsh

Tuesday 12th April

Beautiful day for a mini motor cruise. As soon as the tide is high enough Petra opens the gate to the Pond (oops sorry, to the Walton Yacht Basin) and we glide out and down the creek.

The Twizzle takes us up to Titchmarsh Marina (or rather we take the Twizzle - it's a river for those not local) and there is barely time to eat our tuna salad lunch (Howard's in sandwich form) before it's time to prepare warps and fenders. The yard gang help us tie up and then head off for their own "dinner". Then it's time for the crane and the jet washer.

Plenty of work for us to do here. Our timings from now on depend on the weather - Dry is what we want. Not too much wind would be good but not a show stopper, sunny and mild would make the whole operation from now on much more pleasurable - and that includes the sailing.

Before we left the Pond we spotted an old friend Katie being lifted into the water for her new owners:

 (That's really a crane - the thing that lifted us out would more properly be called a travel hoist. This crane wouldn't manage our 12 tonnes, hence the move to Titchmarsh).


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