Bird's nest aboard

Friday 28th April

The lesser-spotted wiring mangler seems to have paid us a visit.

Kind of it to number all the connections before ripping them off

That is how it used to look, to the far left in the nav station - which NEVER looks as clear as this!

(Bonify is for sale which is why I am able to find carefully staged photos of parts of the boat I wouldn't normally photograph).

Today's view: time for a change

Howard has made a lot of improvements to the boat over the years which often involve fiddling with wires, and adding and subtracting of different bits and pieces, and it's been getting fuller and fuller behind that smart and simple housing which was made in 2004. So he's decided the time has come to upgrade his electrical bird's nest.

He's been on the lookout for an old (or even new) wooden bathroom cabinet for some time with a view to adapting it to this purpose. It seems that small medicine cabinets are out of fashion and old ones don't get collected by house clearance companies as they are usually attached to the wall.

Finally our observant next-door neighbour spotted one for sale at the Hospice shop for £4. I didn't think to photograph it in it original format so this picture shows the back and door panels already removed and work already in progress:

Will report progress as it happens but thought this little story in pictures might be more interesting than pictures of us putting another coat of anti-foul on today. The pictures would have been just the same as yesterday except that I had worked out that, stupid though I looked, it made more sense to wear the hat back-to-front (catcher style!). I could actually see what I was painting.

For the record Howard disdained to wear his hat back to front.


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