Bringing coals to Newcastle - Wednesday 25th May

Nieuwpoort to Ostend: 10.5 miles, sailed most of the way.

Wierd Beard beers from England

One particular Belgian gaffer friend has always complained that English beer is weak and boring – all it does is make you go to the toilet a lot, or so he says. So at the recent Harwich Ale Trail we made sure we found some good strong interesting English beer for him to try.
Once safely tied up in the Mercator Dock ready for the Festival (which starts tomorrow) out came our contributions from the Wierd Beer Brewery :”Dark Side” at 9.2% is right up Dirk's street but he also enjoys the K*ntish Town Beard.

Let the party begin!

Dirk appreciating a GOOD STRONG English beer - 9.2%


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