Festival Day 4 – Sun 29th May

Couldn't see the band but that's better

We finally managed to enjoy some of the live music sitting with a beer in the sunshine. Sunny again! Must be a record. A lot of sea shanties we know and a few we don't, and then we had good seats to watch the parade go by. We didn't see the marching band for the crowd in the way but had no trouble seeing what followed.

Even taller

The tallest chaps got onto their stilts via the harbour office window

One hour before the festival was due to end the skies opened (my fault – I was wearing my Monsoon jacket again) and the public disappeared as if by magic. We lurked in a bar (hardship!) until there was a lull and then made it back to Bonify just in time to join in with the chorus of ship's whistles which closes the event.

Dates of next year's Oostende voor Anker: 25th to 28th May.


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