Party's over, Ostend - Monday 30th May

Back to real life with a jolt now the party's over – it's a grey rainy windy day, forecast no good for going anywhere and the talk is all of when might we be able to leave and where might we head to. We'd like to head straight back the 75 miles to Harwich from here but our course will be 310 degrees and that is pretty much where the winds are coming from – and with some force.
Our Belgian gaffer friend Ed wants to get “Drum of Drake” back to home base at Nieuwpoort today despite the conditions so Howard volunteers and 3 of them head off into the cold wet blast. It's only 10 miles and they complete the trip in a rather bumpy 2 hours with winds of 30 knots and minimal sail.

Drum of Drake ready to go with volunteer deckhand Howard and skipper Ed

By early afternoon Howard is back (by car) but not before I have managed to commit us to hosting dinner for 11 on board Bonify. I'm not going to cook it as Sotra will be the kitchen vessel, but in this weather we are the best boat to be the gaffers dining room with seating for 9 in the cabin and 2 more places under the doghouse with the tent up. In fact for the record we might have managed one or 2 more below and 2 more on deck – it would have over-stretched our crockery capacity but that's an easy one to solve.

Having spared you fuzzy eating and drinking photos so far I have the choice today of that or soggy rainy scenes so here goes:

Supper in a rather crowded saloon on Bonify

Washing-up crew with spectators above

Team Anemone


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