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Sunday 9th July - to Lauwersmeer 13.7 nm

The provincial flag of Friesland is a gaudy affair with blue and white stripes and curious heart shaped red emblems. These are not in fact hearts but represent the leaf of the yellow water lily which proliferates here. We've seen enough of it, can't think why it never occured to me...

Pic 289 fresian flags in Dokkum may follow eventually

At Dokkum we are in pole position to photograph the euronating in operation. You'll see it once laptop is fixed.

Pic291 clog swings out, in go the euros and off you go.

More green fields, water lilies, Fresian barns, bridges and then finally a lock: we are out into the Lauwersmeer. Leaving the lock we see a farewell from Friesland, in our case it is soon to be farewell to the Netherlands altogether.

Pic 306

We motor gently up the lake and anchor for the night just off Lauwersoog at the top of page 41.


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