Thursday 29th June

Marken to Edam under motor: 4.7nm - takes about an hour!

Believe it or not we have more friends with a boat called Brandaen - if she looks like an Essex smack it's because that's what her builder was asked to build - to the lines of the smack Ellen, she was built of steel in Brightlingsea in 1980. She's now for sale as Han and Roos have bought another lovely boat which we walk in to town to find.

Maartje's mast is down as Han is working on getting her ready to cross to the East Coast of England in a week or so. She needed an aerial and nav lights for a start.

She's another steel boat - but much older, steel riveted and considerably more manageable than the giant Brandaen

We had resolved to have a quiet supper on board after what felt like days of carousing, but Roos insisted that their supper was easily stretchable to 2 more so we caved in. They have an old traditional cottage in Edam with a ladder for stairs and the beer kept in a locker under the floor just like on a boat. The garden overlooks a small side canal and when that freezes over, which is not as often as it used to, it is possible (if you are able!) to skate all the way to Amsterdam.
Another lovely evening - sorry no pics!

Facing the way out, ready to move on. Howard's checking the boarding ladder is well lashed down


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