Still in Ostend - Tuesday 31st May

Murky shot of the massive jack-up ship, no longer jacked up, loaded up with 4 yellow wind turbine bases (called TPs) and giant steel tubes.

Yes, still in Ostend. This seems to happen every year we come.
It's blowing 6s and 7s in the wrong direction whichever forecast we look at, and we do try a few to find one we like.

My only photos of the day show the dreary conditions:

Howard watches 3-master Marjorie edging in to the Mercator Lock

She fits, but her bowsprit is over the gates so once the rear gates are shut they back her up a bit, turn her diagonally, and even then wait till the level outside is higher so the drop is not so great

We hope to head south to France tomorrow and friends have various plans for an early start to get their boats home to ports in the Netherlands. So it's a more subdued dinner together on the old sand barge T'ai (great hospitality!) before an early night.


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