Out to grass?

Not our best ever night at anchor despite the idyllic setting:

1am - We are woken by the harsh metallic grating of chain on chain as the bobstay (under the bowsprit) saws away at the the anchor chain. The wind has got up a bit since those calm photos of the sunset last night. We get up and Howard brings the bowsprit in while I watch him from the cockpit. 
Back to bed.

3am - More sound effects, this time it's anchor chain dragging along the bottom under us. The anchor itself hasn't dragged but the wind is strong enough to blow us back over the top of the anchor and Howard notices that we are now in less than 2m of water - and the tide has 3m to fall. We have no wish to wake up later aground on a sandbank so something has to be done. We don't fancy upping anchor and moving in the dark (in our dressing gowns) so Howard has the bright idea of streaming 2 buckets out astern. They act as drogues and are enough to allow the tide to pull us back to where we should be despite the efforts of the wind. 
Back to bed again.

5am - Now it's the halyards frapping loudly on the mast. This is something Howard can ignore as he knows it's no hazard but I can't tune it out so it's my turn to go up on deck.
Finally we sleep - till late.

After a hearty cooked breakfast we motor up into the pond and Bonify is home.

There'll be a break in this blog now while we work out what to do next - it might just involve the old lady under cover on the left of the photo.

Keep an eye on Facebook and I'll post a message when we start up again.

Bonify - out to grass?


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